An easy way to express your ideas

Raindrops are thoughts and ideas to be shared instantly. Create a raindrop within minutes with a variety of elements at your fingertips!

Write a journal, notes, project work, study material, and more.
If you are a math buff or use math in your daily work and miss the ease of using tex/latex on the web, this is for you. Get going and $ your formulas.
Upload your images to imgur or any other place and add life to your raindrop. Of course, you can pick up any image so long as it has a url.
Want to include a track from Soundcloud? Go ahead.
Embed YouTube, and select desired time interval to watch. So that you can listen to that 5 minutes in the one hour talk that interested you..
Share your raindrop instantly with others

What does all this do? It allows you to create very rich content within minutes. And publish and share them with others.

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